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亚博登录首页APP-队内射手王!因为他升班马进冲超组 感恩殷铁生信任

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   Source of manuscript: Guangzhou Daily Client


   Xu Jiajun, who just turned 25 this year, became famous very early. He has a talent for football since he was trained in Tianhe Sports Center Sports School since he was a child. In 2011, with the help of the "Dream Come True Selection Charity Program" project, Xu Jiajun went to Brookhouse College in the United Kingdom to study abroad for two years.

今年刚刚满25岁的徐家俊很早就出名了。他从小就在天河体育中心体育学校接受训练,因此具有足球天赋。 2011年,在“梦想成真甄选慈善计划”项目的帮助下,徐家俊赴英国布鲁克豪斯学院出国学习了两年。

   In 2013, Xu Jiajun returned from studying in the UK to join Guangzhou R&F’s reserve team, but he did not get many opportunities. In 2015, he walked out of Guangzhou and traveled to various professional teams of different levels, including Hebei Huaxia Fortune, Shenyang City, Beijing Renhe, Yanbian Beiguo, and even went to the Belgian team Roeselare for a short stay abroad. But in the end, he chose to return to China.

2013年,徐家俊从英国留学归来,加入了广州富力的后备团队,但他获得的机会并不多。 2015年,他离开广州,前往河北华夏财富,沉阳市,北京仁和,延边北国等不同级别的专业团队,甚至去比利时鲁瑟拉勒团队短暂出国。但最终,他选择了返回中国。

   At the beginning of 2019, Xu Jiajun chose the 7th club in the past 7 years-he joined the Chinese second team Taizhou Yuanda as a free agent.


"I have been hoping to find a club that can be the main player in the years I went out from Guangzhou, but it may not be stable because of the lack of physical conditions and the style of the coach." Looking back on the "wandering years of those years" "Xu Jiajun said, "However, due to the experience of being alone in the UK as a teenager, I am not uncomfortable with the life of leaving Guangdong to play football games outside. This may be a bit different from traditional Guangdong players. No matter which one I arrive. The club I do my best, no matter whether I can play in the game or not, I never thought of giving up because of various objective difficulties."


   Although Taizhou Yuanda is headed by a typical northern coach Yin Tiesheng, and most of his players play tough, but fortunately, Xu Jiajun found a long-lost sense of identity and belonging in Taizhou Yuanda. Li Yang, the owner of Taizhou Yuanda, is a super fan. From forming an amateur team to becoming a Chinese second club, he has always supported him in all aspects.


   In the second half of 2019, Xu Jiajun was quickly reused and gradually became the main player and shooter in the team. This year, in addition to the classic battle that left Guangzhou fans with the most impressive FA Cup lore and elimination of R&F, Xu Jiajun scored 12 goals in China B and became the No. 2 shooter in the Yuanda team.


"The owner of the team also appreciates me very much and takes special care of me in life. Director Yin valued me very much and arranged tactics suitable for me. Even for my weaknesses in physical strength, the club also asked a Spanish physical fitness coach to specialize Developed a training plan for me. I feel that this year has been particularly helpful to my career growth, and it has also fully established my self-confidence to play in the domestic professional league." Xu Jiajun said.


   In December last year, Taizhou Yuanda started winter training and only took a few days off before the New Year. But after the outbreak of the epidemic, the team quickly refocused, and then intensive training until the beginning of the Chinese League in September. "Affected by the epidemic this year, we have experienced a very long and very long period of training preparation. Later, we have been adopting the method of match-up training and played many warm-up matches. I feel that the state has been maintained good, and everyone has a good An unprecedented sense of competition hunger." Xu Jiajun said.

去年12月,台州远大开始了冬季训练,在新年之前只休了几天假。但是在疫情爆发后,车队迅速调整了工作重点,然后进行了强化训练,直到9月中国联赛开始。 “受今年流行病的影响,我们经历了很长很长的训练准备亚博vip888网页版。后来,我们一直采用对练训练的方法,参加了许多热身赛。我感到状态一直很长。保持良好,每个人都有良好的竞争饥饿感。”徐家俊说。

Regarding the team's entry into the Super League, Xu Jiajun said frankly that he did not expect it before the start of the season, "As a newly promoted horse, from the boss to the coach, the goal is to first relegation and gain a firm foothold in the Chinese League." "However, there are many experienced veterans in our team and strong foreign aid capabilities, so it is not surprising that we can enter the super group. Today we achieved the relegation goal ahead of schedule, and our team is very happy!"

关于车队加入中超联赛,许家军坦率地说,他没想到在赛季开始之前就说:“作为一名新晋马,从老板到教练,目标是首先降级并获得稳固的地位。在中国联赛的立足点。” “但是,我们的团队中有许多经验丰富的退伍军人,并且拥有强大的外援能力,因此进入超级团队并不奇怪。今天,亚博vip888网页版我们提前实现了降级的目标,亚博登录首页APP我们的团队感到非常高兴!”

In the 10 rounds of the first stage of the Chinese Premier League, Xu Jiajun scored a total of 4 goals for Taizhou Yuanda, and all of them were scored against the Beijingers and Beiti University. He also became the team's first scorer. . "I myself have never considered that I can become the number one shooter in the team. I finally achieved this result. It is inseparable from the support of all my teammates, especially the trust of the head coach. This year's competition system in China A is for everyone. Challenge, three or four days of a game consumes a lot of physical energy, and it is almost the same as the one and three games in the UK when I was a child." Xu Jiajun said, "The first stage has the most profound and important impact on me, of course, today 2. We beat Beijing Renhe by one. In this game, we can only enter the super group by defeating our opponents. It is really unforgettable that we can score an important goal!"

在中国足球超级联赛第一阶段的10轮比赛中,徐家俊为台州远大队总共攻入4个进球,所有这些进球都是对阵北京人和北蒂大学的进球。他也成为球队的第一得分手。 。 “我本人从未考虑过自己可以成为队中第一号射手。我终于取得了这一成绩。这与我所有队友的支持,尤其是主教练的信任密不可分。今年的中国比赛体系挑战,一场比赛三到四天会消耗大量的体力,这几乎与我小时候在英国的一场和三场比赛相同。”徐家俊说:“当然,今天第一阶段对我有最深远和重要的影响。2.我们一人击败北京人和。在这场比赛中,我们只能通过击败对手而进入超级组。这确实是令人难忘,我们可以取得重要的目标!”

Looking back at the first stage of the game, Xu Jiajun thinks that he is most grateful for Yin Tiesheng’s trust. “Director Yin has given me many opportunities this year. What he said to me most is the word confidence. He encouraged me to take more in every game. Play the ball, run more, take more shots, and cooperate with your teammates on the offensive end. I think being a player with confidence may not necessarily win, and without confidence, you will definitely lose!"

回顾比赛的第一阶段,徐家俊认为他对尹铁生的信任深表感谢。 “尹主任今年给了我很多机会。他对我说的最多的是信心一词。他鼓励我在每场比赛中都多下功夫。打球,多跑,多投篮,并在进攻端与队友合作。我认为,有信心的球员不一定能赢,没有信心的话,你肯定会输!”

In Taizhou Yuanda Formation, although Xu Jiajun is a southerner, he and all the northern teammates are very good. "The experience of Liu Jianye, Wen Chao, Shen Longyuan, Liu Junpeng, Dong Lei and other veteran players has helped me a lot. Joking with me also gave me a lot of encouragement," Xu Jiajun said. "Our three foreign aids this year are very strong, especially Tosic has played Manchester United before. His technique and ball handling ability are very strong. I learned from them. I have learned a lot from me. Because I can speak English, I have a lot of communication with them. I also have a tacit understanding with each other on the court, and I can play some good tactical cooperation."

在台州元大组,尽管徐家俊是南方人,但他和所有北方队友都很出色。许家俊说:“刘建业,文超,沉龙源,刘俊鹏,董磊和其他老牌选手的经历给了我很多帮助。和我开玩笑也给了我很多鼓励。” “今年我们的三名外援非常强大,尤其是托西奇曾经效力过曼联。他的技术和控球能力非常亚博登录首页APP强。我从他们那里学到了很多。我学到了很多东西。因为我会说英语,所以我有与他们进行了很多交流。我在球场上也彼此默契,我可以发挥一些良好的战术合作。”

   Looking forward to the Super League match, Xu Jiajun believes that although the team's relegation goal has been completed, there must be a dream. "The 6 teams that can enter the Super Supergroup should be about the same strength. I have also watched games in other regions. I don't think anyone can make it to Super Supergroup in the end. They all have a chance!"

期待中超联赛,徐家俊认为,尽管球队降级的目标已经完成,但一定有一个梦想。 “可以进入超级超级小组的6支球队的实力应该差不多。我也看过其他地区的比赛。我认为最后没有人可以进入超级超级小组。他们都有机会!”

As for the three Guangdong teams in the Chinese Super League, Xu Jiajun said that he watched each of their games, “Hengda’s overall strength is stronger this year, and it must be the favorite of the Chinese Super League champions. As for R&F, I am confident that they can Get the top ranking in the relegation group!"


   Will Xu Jiajun and Taizhou Yuanda continue to perform miracles next? let us wait and see.


Zhang Zhe, all media reporter of Guangzhou Daily


Wu Jiali, all media editor of Guangzhou Daily


Photo source: Taizhou Yuanda Football Club


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