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This year marks the 70th anniversary of the birth of the concept and official collective behavior of Serie A Calciomercato (Football Market). The theme exhibition is "Master Handwriting". The Football Association and Serie A Vocational Federation held celebrations in the coastal city of Rimini in August, Marotta and Gali. Famous managers such as Yani, Palatic, and Sabbatini participated in the discussion, and the topic at the time was Messi who was making a transfer.


The so-called official transfer behavior, within a specified time period, in a specified but not limited place (usually a hotel in Milan)-not a "double regulation" in China-club representatives and middlemen groups, the cards are fair Meeting to negotiate a transfer. This year's designated venue is the Sheraton Hotel in the San Siro district of Milan. The five major league transfers ended. Inter Milan CEO Marotta talked about the transfer and Serie A impressions in an interview with the media at Sheraton.


Tour the transfer market in various years, heavy transfers in Serie A, etc. Galliani and Marotta visited historical pictures, and Marotta chose Pogba as the best handwriting of her career. Visa-free, 115 million sold back to Manchester United.


"Big investment does not mean winning. Stars can win individual matches and win the league depends on the team. But most fundamentally, a good team is not as good as a good club. I have never seen a loosely organized and thoughtless club. The team can still win the championship. The club creates the team and builds the basis for performance. In this regard, Atlanta is a model in football! Without top spending and stars, it is still successful."


"A dozen or two decades ago, Serie A was the world's No. 1 league, but we did not seize the historical opportunity to continue to grow stronger. Today's Serie A is just an over-type league. Players came to learn and practice before moving to another place. Ronaldo There is an exception. After the success of England and West, you can still choose Serie A. Our backwardness is mainly in infrastructure such as stadiums and youth training. We need to provide the stars with a more avant-garde, ahead of the trend of Serie A."


"How do I feel about serving a Chinese-owned club? Well, the world and football are changing. Ten years ago, I only focused on Italy, but now I have to look at the world. The globalization of capital and resources has made us footballers progress again. In fact, when Serie A liberalized its foreign aid policy in the 1980s, the transfer market was already globalized. As I said, Udinese’s introduction of Brazilian Zico in 1983 was an epoch-making and watershed transfer. It really started the market effect of player transfers, expanding club sponsorship income and league popularity. That transfer announced the birth of commercial football."


Marotta has never played football. In 1976, at the age of 19, he served as the youth training director of his hometown club Varese. Three years later, he was promoted to the general manager of the first team. His manager career has been 44 years. The first batch of Serie A graduates of the professional sports manager training course, who completed the 1980/81 season and received a certificate, and Mo Ji, the initiator of the phone call, are classmates.

马洛塔(Marotta)从未踢过足球。 1976年,年仅19岁的他担任家乡俱乐部瓦雷泽(Varese)的青年训练主管。三年后,他被提升为一队总经理。他的经理生涯已有44年。参加了1980/81赛季并获得证书的职业体育经理培训课程的第一批意甲毕业生,和电话发起者莫吉是同学。

Marotta had an interesting memory of the transfer market he had set foot in in the early years, when there was chaos. "The first time I set foot in a transfer was in 1977, and it was in chaos in 1978. Even the military police were dispatched and personal safety was not guaranteed. In 1977, at the Leonardo Hotel in Brusano, tables, chairs, Tea cups and suitcases were flying all over the sky and they were thrown out of the windows. Because the Players Association set off a revolution and protested that the players were regarded as commodities and were thrown around by the club.

马罗塔(Marotta)对早年混乱时涉足的转会市场有一个有趣的记忆。 “我第一次涉足转移是在1977年,而在1978年却陷入混乱。甚至还派出了宪兵,也无法保证人身安全。1977年,在布鲁萨诺的莱昂纳多酒店,摆放了桌子,椅子和茶具杯子和手提箱在天上飞,被扔出窗户,因为球员协会掀起了亚博vip888网页版一场革命,抗议球员被视为商品,被俱乐部扔了出去。

In the first session of the sports manager study class, Marotta is circled, and 9 is Moji.


Marotta (middle) in 1978, with hair, in Varese.


In those days, as long as the club decided to sell a player, the player had no right to object! He may not accept the transfer, but he will definitely be punished and not be able to play again, just like rubbish being thrown in the corner, which is allowed by the policy. In 1978, Andleotti's Italian government and deputy secretary-general had to come forward, relying on the intervention of politicians to barely complete some transfers. In 1981, we introduced Act No. 91, stipulating that players can sign the transfer contract to declare the transfer effective, and the player's status has been significantly improved. Then came the famous Bosman Act, which allowed players to freely choose a new club after the contract expires without having to pay the old club a breakup fee. The transfer market is such a development trajectory. "

在那些日子里,只要俱乐部决定出售球员,球员就无权反对!他可能不会接受转会,但他肯定会受到惩罚并且不能再次比赛,就像垃圾被扔在角落里一样,这是政策允许的。 1978年,安德列奥蒂(Andleotti)的意大利政府和副秘书长不得不挺身而出,依靠政界人士的干预勉强完成某些调动。 1981年,我们颁布了第91号法案,规定球员可以签署转让合同来宣布转让有效,球员的地位得到了显着改善。随后出台了著名的《博斯曼法案》,该法案允许球员在合同到期后自由选择新俱乐部,而不必支付旧俱乐部的分手费。转移市场就是这样的发展轨迹。 ”

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