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Brazilian powerhouse Santos officially announced that the 36-year-old Robinho will return to the club on a free transfer. The two sides have signed a contract for 5 months and his monthly salary is only 230 euros. In an interview with a reporter from Global Markets, Robinho talked about his return to his home team Santos and the topic of Milan and Real Madrid. He said that he had an unforgettable 4 years in Milan, and Santos is his home, he did sign Santos with a monthly salary of 230 euros. He also said that now he is no longer the kid who always does stupid things, he is mature and has a family, and now the family is the most important.


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Robinho said: "I am very happy to return to Santos. This is my team and this is my home. Santos has allowed me to realize my dream of becoming a professional player. Now they have given me another good The opportunity to stay in football. The joy in my heart is beyond words, and this feeling is hard to describe in words."


"Now I am 36 years old. I am no longer the carefree teenager. I have my family to consider. As a man, I always have to consider the interests of the family first."


"How do you say this in Italian? It's awesome to be able to play in Serie A haha. But I still followed my inner choice and returned to Santos, because Santos is more than just a team for me. Simple, there are too many things here, this is my home."


"Yes, but to be honest, I don't want to talk about money. Now due to the impact of the epidemic, many people and many groups are experiencing difficulties. All of us must do our best. And I choose to do what I can. Played for Santos for almost free for five months. Santos needs me now, just like back then, when I was just a fledgling, we all have to adapt quickly."


"It was a good four years, during which I scored more than 30 goals, we won the Serie A championship and the Italian Super Cup together, we have a very strong, world-class team, that is a great Milan , I’m honored to play with many champions: Pato, Gattuso, Seedorf, Pirlo, Ronaldinho, Thiago Silva, Inzaghi, Kaka, Ibrahimovic..."


“I’m not surprised that Ibrahimovic can become the spiritual leader of this Milan team. Ibrahimovic has always been a role model of a professional player. He was really born for football. In Milan, I was fortunate to be able to compete with He plays and trains together, and his rigorous attitude can also drive the whole team and keep our team at a high level every day. It’s really an honor to work with Ibrahimovic. In my opinion, I am not at all right with Ibrahimovic. At the age of nearly 40, he still maintains such an excellent state, and he is still a phenomenal player."


"Milan's young talents need Ibrahimovic's advice and learning from his experience. In addition, Ibrahimovic's character and personal charm are also very important to them. They need a champion player like Ibrahimovic."


"These will be two very exciting and intense matches, both teams are very competitive. They are two absolutely strong teams, and both will try to get first in the group. Therefore, this also makes two teams The team’s encounter may have any result. Real Madrid will play at home first, then Inter’s home. Now Inter Milan is no worse than Real Madrid."


"Serie A is still one of the best leagues ever. It symbolizes a high level and has a glorious history. Now Juventus is not the only one in the Serie A championship team. Many teams are becoming stronger. Milan Both the duo make a comeback. Italy has great football and life."


"Today I am different from the past. I am 36 years old. I have a clear mind and mature. I am no longer the naughty and undisciplined young man. Time flies so fast. I want to take this opportunity to give all Milan A big hug from the fans, I wish Milan good luck and good results in the new season, and I will never forget you, always forza Milan!"


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