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Good morning, friends, and welcome to the morning paper on September 27th.


In the early morning, Europe became the "lore continent." In the first third round of the Premier League, Chelsea, who trailed 3 goals in the first half, relied on a counterattack in the second half and Abraham scored a stoppage time with West Brom. Later in the second round of Serie A, with a header from Dan Brosio in 89 minutes, Inter Milan beat Fiorentina 4-3. On the Iberian Peninsula, Real Madrid relied on Ramos's 82-minute penalty kick to beat Betis 3-2 away.


At 03:00 on September 27, Beijing time, the third round of La Liga continued, and Real Madrid challenged Real Betis away. In the first half, Valverde scored with a shovel shot, Mandy header equalized the score, and William Carvalho made a shot to help Betis overtake the score. In the second half, Emerson Aparecido turned red after an own own goal, Majoral made a point off the bench and Ramos won with a penalty kick. In the end, Real Madrid beat Betis 3-2 away.

北京时间9月27日凌晨03:00,西甲第三轮比赛继续进行,皇马挑战皇家贝蒂斯。在上半场,瓦尔韦德用铲子射门得分,曼迪头球将比分扳平,威廉·卡瓦略射门帮助贝蒂斯超越比分。下半场,艾默生·阿帕雷基多(Emerson Aparecido)进球后变成红色,Majoral替补登场,拉莫斯(点球)获得点球。最后,皇马以3-2击败贝蒂斯。

At 02:45 on September 27th, Beijing time, in the second round of Serie A, Inter Milan played at home against Fiorentina. In the first half, Kwame opened the goal with an empty goal, Lautaro tied with a long shot. In the second half, Lautaro's shot caused Sechellini's own goal. Ribery assisted Castrovelli and Chiesa Jr. to score. Then Ashraf assisted Lukaku to score and Dan Brosio had a header. Win. In the end, Inter Milan 4-3 Florence.

北京时间9月27日02:45,在意甲第二轮比赛中,国际米兰主场对阵佛罗伦萨。上半场,夸梅(Kwame)用一个空球打开球门,劳塔罗(Lautaro)远射并列。下半场,劳塔罗的射门造成塞切利尼的进球。里贝里(Ribery)协助Castrovelli和Chiesa Jr.得分。然后,阿什拉夫(Ashraf)协助卢卡库(Lukaku)进球,丹·布罗西奥(Dan Brosio)头球攻门。赢得。最终,国际米兰4-3佛罗伦萨。

At 00:30 on September 27, Beijing time, the third round of the Premier League continued, Chelsea challenged West Brom away. In the first half, Callum Robinson scored twice, Bartley pushed for another victory, Thiago Silva made a mistake and gave a big gift, Werner hit the frieze. In the second half, the Mount World Wave regained a victory for the Blues. Haverts assisted Odoi and chased another goal. Abraham finished stoppage time and tied. In the end, Chelsea tied West Brom 3-3 away.

北京时间9月27日00:30,英超联赛的第三轮比赛继续进行,切尔西挑战西布朗。上半场,卡勒姆·罗宾逊(Callum Robinson)得分两次,巴特利(Bartley)争取另一场胜利,蒂亚戈·席尔瓦(Thiago Silva)犯了一个错误,送出了一份大礼物,韦纳(Werner)狂奔。下半场,Mount World Wave夺回了蓝军的胜利。 Haverts帮助了Odoi,并追赶了另一个进球。亚伯拉罕完成补时,并列。最后,切尔西将西布朗3-3扳平比分。

According to the Portuguese TVI24 report, Manchester City has basically finalized the Benfica defender Ruben Dias, and the total transfer price may reach about 80 million euros. Diaz is expected to fly to Manchester this Sunday.


The German transfer market recently counted the 11 most expensive lineups left by Barcelona, ​​with a total value of 404 million Euros. Neymar leads with a value of 128 million euros, Atul and Thiago are ranked second and third with 56 million euros and 48 million euros respectively. Suarez, who had previously left the team to join Atletico Madrid, is also on this list. .

德国转会市场最近统计了巴塞罗那留下的11个最昂贵的阵容,总价值为4.04亿欧元。内马尔以1.28亿欧元的身价领先,阿图尔和蒂亚戈分别以5600万欧元和4800万欧元排名第二和第三。此前已离开球队加盟马德里竞技的苏亚雷斯也列于此名单中。 。

Atletico Madrid new aid Suarez posted a photo of himself participating in team training on social media and wrote: "A day full of passion, I want to help the team reach the top again."


Barcelona officially announced that the team midfielder Alenia will take over the No. 6 shirt of the new season.


According to French media "Telefoot", Oyal would prefer to play for Barcelona or Juventus, but if he fails to make a trip, he is also willing to join Arsenal.

根据法国媒体“ ​​Telefoot”的说法,Oyal愿意为巴萨或尤文图斯效力,但如果他未能出行,他也愿意加入阿森纳。

According to "Aspen" news, De Thomas has changed his agent and he wants to leave the Spaniard.


In the match between Guoan and SIPG yesterday, referee Zhang Lei made multiple controversial penalties. Regarding the referee's comments in this game, the Sports Department of the "People's Daily" quoted a world-class whistle saying that "citing the best referee is to make fans and players not feel his presence."


Today, Beijing time, the Hebei Huaxia Fortune team, who has already won the championship group, had a hot pot together.


The 2020 season of the Chinese League has kicked off, and the three divisions are in full swing. Understanding Qiu Di and "Chinese Sports"


In the match between Hong Kong and Guoan last night, the referee Zhang Lei repeatedly made controversial judgments. The famous sports commentator Huang Jianxiang expressed his views on this matter. He believes that these referees are mainly emotional intelligence issues, followed by business issues.


On September 26, Beijing time, reporter Shen Wei reported that a Chinese Super League team that has entered the top four of the group initially decided to open the foreign aid supermarket, and the entire Chinese class will play the second stage.


With a penalty kick obtained at the last minute, Manchester United beat Brighton away and won the first win of the new season. In an interview after the game, Solskjaer said that countdown lore is the tradition of the Red Devils.


On September 26, Barcelona coach Koeman ushered in his first league conference after taking office. They will face Villarreal at home this round. He responded to Suarez’s departure from the team and the personnel arrangements for the new season. .

9月26日,巴萨主教练科曼上任后迎来了他的第一次联赛会议。他们将在本轮主场面对比利亚雷亚尔。他回应了苏亚雷斯离开球队和新赛季的人员安排。 。

Atletico Madrid star and Uruguayan star Diego Fran talked about the topic of former teammate Suarez leaving Barcelona to join Atletico in an interview recently. He said that what Barcelona did to Suarez has already happened in Barcelona’s history. The players.


Juventus will play in Rome in the early morning of September 28, Beijing time. Pirlo expressed his views on the team's preparations, transfer market, team lineup and the game in the pre-match press conference, and expressed Rome Once interested in inviting himself to coach, Morata is not the third choice. Luka Pellegrini left the team because of the European Cup tomorrow, which will allow him to get more playing time. As for Dzeko, Pirlo thought Dzekoben might join Juventus, but unfortunately the deal failed.

尤文图斯将于北京时间9月28日凌晨在罗马举行比赛。皮尔洛在赛前新闻发布会上表达了对球队准备,转会市场,球队阵容和比赛的看法,并表示罗马一旦有兴趣邀请自己成为教练,莫拉塔就不是第三选择。卢卡·佩莱格里尼(Luka Pellegrini)因为明天的欧洲杯而离开了球队,这将使他有更多的上场时间。至于哲科,皮尔洛认为哲科本可能会加入尤文图斯,但不幸的是这笔交易失败了。

This Friday, Atletico Madrid held an interview for the new player Suarez, but due to the new crown virus, the interview was made public to fans through video.


15:30 Chinese Super League Shandong Luneng vs Guangzhou R&F

15: 中超30强山东鲁能vs广州富力

15: Henan Jianchao Shenhua vs. Shanghai

15: he南J Ian chaos狠话vs. Shanghai

15: CSL Shenzhen jiazhaoye vs Jiangsu Suning

15: CS LS很震佳兆业vs Jiang苏sun ing

20:00 Chinese Super League Guangzhou Evergrande vs Dalian Ren

20: 00中超广州恒大vs大连人

15: 30 Zhongchao Beijing Guoan vs. Yongchang, Shijiazhuang

15: 30中超北京国安对阵石家庄永昌

15: CSL Tianjin TEDA vs Wuhan Zhuoer

15: CS Lt Ian进Ted AVS Wuhan Z活儿

20: CSL Chongqing Contemporary vs Shanghai Shanggang

20: 中超重庆当代vs上海上钢

20: CSL Hebei Huaxia happiness vs Qingdao Huanghai Qinggang

20: CS l Hebe IH UA下happiness vs Qing到Huang还Qing刚

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